Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer trends-Swimming or Sinking?

My first fashion post is going to be on swimwear. What seems to be swimming well with the heat, and what seems to be sinking. Let's see:


Bikinis in:
-Aztec print
-Ruffled (Personal favorite)
-Nautical Stripes
-And who can forget- The simple and plain- One colored!

Remember when Monokini's were for the ones who wanted to show less skin? That's not the idea this time!
Monokinis are now gaining popularity while losing the cover-up- especially if you have the cut-out side!

Remember those bold neon colored bikini's that look like they got struck by a neon thunderstorm? It's time to shove that in the back closet. And while you're at it, why not put back the monokini that has just way to many holes in them. Abnormal tan line anyone? *Shudders* This year, everyone goes simple and sweet!

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